Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Fantasy Premier League: Week 22

Potentially the week where it all went wrong.

I know I have said before that I didn't ever expect to be up at the top of the £15 Super League, but having been there for a few weeks now, I'm not going to lie, I feel pretty sad that my lead is on the rocks!

Here is how my team got on this week... it isn't good reading!

De Gea - 2
Azpilicueta - 7
Koscielny - 8
Lovren - 1
Coutinho - 1
Eriksen - 2
Mata - 0
Phillips - 3
Defoe - 2
Ibrahimovic (c) - 4
Giroud - 2

Pickford - 0, Holgate - 5, Snodgrass - 0, Kingsley - 0.

Total: 32 😖 (Average: 46)
Overall Total: 1,153

IN - Coutinho
OUT - Alli

I thought, with Tottenham having a fairly difficult match compared to Liverpool, that I would bring Coutinho back into my squad now he has recovered from his injury.  I was unsure whether to swap him for Alli or Eriksen, and I decided on Alli because Eriksen seems to do well from set pieces.  I wish I hadn't swapped any of them for Coutinho now as 1 point is poor!  In fact, straight after that match, I transferred Alli back in 😂😅!  I will still probably have to get Costa back as everything seems to have blown over now, and I'm a bit annoyed I acted in haste and transferred him out now.

Oh Costa, I miss you.

But thank goodness for Koscielny and Azpilicueta! Without their clean sheets it could have been a whole lot worse!

League Riffiths - 2
£15 Super League - 1
@ftbllrswanimals - 7

Head-to-Head - 1 (6-6 / 666-610)

Scotland - 10,022
Gameweek 1 - 349,154
Overall - 355,854

The chorus is how my standings went this week 😅! 

£15 Super League

Let's just forget about week 22.


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