Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Fantasy Premier League: Week 21

Gameweek 21 was the week I played my wildcard.  I'm not sure if I'm happy with this decision, or regretting it a bit...
Here's how my new look team got on:

De Gea - 3
Azpilicueta - 6
Koscielny - 9
Lovren - 1
Alli - 6
Eriksen - 10
Mata  - 1
Snodgrass - 5
Defoe - 6
Ibrahimovic - 7
Giroud (c) - 10

Pickford - 0, Phillips - 2, Holgate - 5, Kingsley - 0.

Total: 64 (Average 56)
Overall Total: 1,121

IN - Holgate, Snodgrass, Alli, Phillips, Defoe, Giroud
OUT - Williams, Lallana, Fletcher, Coquelin, Negredo, Costa

So, I used my wildcard and made a few transfers.  One transfer I wasn't planning on making was Diego Costa.  There was a lot of speculation about him in the lead up to the weekend, with him not training and being offered lots of money to transfer to China.  With reports saying that Costa had not travelled to Leicester for the match, being one of my key players, and with no one on the bench to replace him, I made the bold move of transferring him out.  I bought in the in form Giroud, and with my extra money I also swapped Negredo for Defoe who seems to have scored quite a few points this FPL season.  If Costa does end up staying at Chelsea, I will no doubt have to bring him back in to the team, probably by replacing Giroud, and downgrading a midfielder. 

  • Luckily for me both Defoe and Giroud scored.
  • Giroud also got injured... 
  • Alli has been on form recently, and although he didn't score, he did get an assist.
  • Snodgrass was the same, no goal but an assist.
  • Eriksen had a great game! 
  • Koscielny also had a great game.
  • Ibrahimovic scored late in the Manchester United match, phew!
  • The Ibrahimovic goal meant no clean sheet for Lovren.
  • Likewise, the Liverpool penalty meant no clean sheet for De Gea.
  • The players I wish I had this week were Kane (17 points) and Alonso (21 points!).

League Riffiths - 2 ⇄
£15 Super League - 1 ⇄
@ftbllrswanimals - 3 ↓

Head to Head - 1 ⇄ (6-5)

Scotland - 6,230 ↓
Gameweek 1 - 215,395 ↓
Overall - 218,496 ↓

Gameweek 21 was a strange week: a lot of players were scoring points; there were a lot of own goals and some players scored ridiculously high scores!  Even though I scored above average, I still dropped some places in Scotland, Gameweek 1 and Overall. I also went down to 3rd in the @ftbllrswanimals league.  In the League that I am really focusing on - the £15 Super League - second place gained 11 points on me... I'm starting to sweat a bit now!  There was also quite a lot of moving happening all the way down the table!

In the blog post header, you may recognise a few of the faces - in the picture on the left: Ander Herrera, Juan Mata (both Manchester United, and in my FPL team) and Cesar Azpilicueta (Chelsea, and also in my FPL team).  The four smaller pictures clockwise from the top left: Juan Mata, Fraser Forster (Southampton), David De Gea (Manchester United, and my FPL team) and Cesar Azpilicueta again.  I've been lucky enough to meet quite a few footballers through both attending matches, and volunteering at events (all the photos above were taken when volunteering - at the Olympics and Fraser Forster at the Scottish Cup Final).  I even had Cesar Azpilicueta wanting to practice English, when he was over for the Olympics just before he signed for Chelsea - but my Olympics stories are in another blog post (Here, if you are interested*).  Azpi, has been one of the highest scoring defenders in FPL to date, so I'm pleased I put him in my team.  Despite not getting as many minutes recently, Mata has been doing well and still scoring not bad (apart from this week!).  David De Gea has done okay for me, apart from being denied a few clean sheets with late goals.
*looking back at the Olympics post, I definitely need to go back and fix the layout and probably re-write the whole post!!

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