Sunday, 28 May 2017

Day Trip with Suzie | Part 2

Part two of the day trip with Suzie saw us visit Mabie Farm Park, just outside New Abbey, then take a little trip down the A710.

Taken by Suzie

Taken by Suzie

Taken by Suzie

Such a big child!
We were literally the only people in the park for the last hour and a half, so we got to enjoy all of the rides and equipment!  The best thing was a giant pillow which was like a trampoline/boucy castle! The most hilarious was the big slide which you go down in little carts.  You pick up quite a bit of speed and then kind of get thrown out the cart at the bottom.  We were crying with laughter at this!!  In fact, the whole trip to the Farm Park was full of laughter for one reason or another and it was really good to forget life and just have a really good time.  It was much needed.

Drumburn Viewpoint
This little viewpoint was just off the A710, and there was probably room for 4 cars.  There was a squirrel statue on top of a pole, and a lovely view over the Nith Estuary.  Sadly, it wasn't too clear a day and we couldn't see too much of what was pointed out on the information plaque.

We stopped off at the lovely Sandyhills Beach.  Sadly it wasn't really clear enough to see as far as England from the beach.  Kippford was also visited, but we didn't stop or take any pictures there.  It was very pretty though with its harbour.

Sandyhills Beach

The day was finished off by a lovely hearty meal at the Cavens Arms in Dumfries.  Oh, and of course a snapchat selfie!!



  1. That looks an amazing beach! The Nith sanctuary sounds a great place, even if visibility was poor!!

  2. Loved both of these posts, especially the cute shots of the ponies! What cuties! So glad you had a nice time. The views on the beach are gorgeous too, what a beautiful view! - Tasha

  3. Looks like a lovely day out - the beach is gorgeous, and I love the animals (especially that lovely donkey!)

  4. Just coming back across again to say thank you for the lovely comments Emma! - Tasha


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