Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Fantasy Premier League: Week 20

We are now onto the second half of the season, and I still honestly cannot believe that I've done quite well so far.  I'm glad the festive period is now over as it's been very hectic with gameweeks coming thick and fast!  Let's see how gameweek 20 played out...

De Gea - 6
Azpilicueta - 1
Koscielny - 1
Williams - 6
Lovren - 4
Lallana (c) - 2
Eriksen - 11
Mata - 9
Negredo - 2
Ibrahimovic - 8
Costa 2

Pickford - 0, Fletcher - 2, Coquelin - 1, Kingsley - 0

Total - 52 (Average 49)
Overall Total - 1,057

OUT - Hazard, IN - Lallana.

  • Well, I definitely could have picked a better captain, couldn't I?  I mean, 8 of the rest of the selected team scored more points!  I took a gamble, and it didn't pay off...
  • Mata is a wee star ⭐!  45 minutes played and he scored 9 points for me.  Just as I was considering possibly transferring him out due to lack of game time, he has really started to make me thankful for keeping him in my team!
  • Eriksen continues to be a good acquisition with 11 points.
  • Disappointing scoring from my two Chelsea players, with Chelsea losing 2-0 to Spurs.  This was made slightly more bearable by the fact Eriksen did so well.
  • Still loving being top of the £15 Super League, but feel like the other players have upped their games and are going to catch me again soon.

League Riffiths - 2
£15 Super League - 1
@ftbllrswanimals - 3

Head-to-Head - 1 (6 - 4)

Scotland - 5,545
Gameweek 1 - 192,505
Overall - 195,102
Cup - 71 v 52 (out of the cup 😞)

⇩ Two stars of my team this week, Mata & Ibrahimovic

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  1. I was just showing your post to my other half, who is very jealous of your overall standing - he said he's started off well but it's gone down a bit recently...!

    1. I'm shocked that I'm doing well! Have refused to join for a few years as I was scared of being shown up... But I'm currently quite far ahead of my other half 😂


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