Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Fantasy Premier League: Week 13

Last week was a pretty positive week, so I have gone for an unchanged team this week.  Let's see how my team did:

I decided to transfer out Bellerin, who is currently out injured, for Lovren who seems a good replacement.  I think I may still transfer Bellerin back in again when he is fit, but who for - I'm not sure yet.

De Gea - 2
Azpilicueta - 2
Koscielny - 2
Williams - 1
Kante - 2
Capoue - 2
Mata - 2
Coutinho - 1 (he picked up an injury early on in the game)
Ibrahimovic - 9
Costa (c) - 10 (not as high a score as last week, but could have definitely been worse!)
Negredo - 12 (my best player this week)

Subs: Pickford - 2, Kingsley - 0, Lovren - 5 (should have put him in my team!), Lamela - 0 (still injured).

Total: 45 / 647

Last week, Costa was the only one of my strikers to score big, with the midfield duo of Capoue and Mata, and Azpilicueta helping boost my score.  This week, there were absolutely no big scorers in my midfield or defence, with everyone scoring 1 or 2. What a poor showing!  Luckily, my strikers were on form this week, with all three scoring goals.  

Having transferred out Bellerin, Lovren seemed like a good enough replacement.  I don't know why I didn't put him straight into my team, but I should have!

My current standings are:

£15 Super League - #3 / 12
League Riffiths - #2 / 8
@ftbllrswanimals - #10 / 49
Scotland - #15,436
Gameweek 1 - #540,868
Overall - #548,154

The average score for this week was 46, so with 45 points I was one point below average.  There were some big scores in the leagues I am in, although there were also quite a few scores which were lower than the average.

This week was pretty mixed with regards to league standings.  I lost some places in @ftbllrswanimals, Scotland, Gameweek 1 and Overall.  The two leagues I am more interested in (always better when you can compete against people you know I feel) are the £15 Super League which contains my other half and League Riffiths which is run by a friend.  I managed to stay in the same positions that I was in those leagues.

In League Riffiths, I am still in second, a long way behind first, but third is catching.  There is, however, quite a gap down to 4th.

League Riffiths

As you can see below, I managed to gain some points on second in the league.  How exciting!  I still have a little cushion over 4th but 5th & 6th are closer now too.

£15 Super League

What will next week bring??


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