Thursday, 24 November 2016

Fantasy Premier League: Week 12

After the international break, it was back to league duty for the players.  Let's see how my team did this week:

Luckily the break gave Costa time to recover from his injury ready to captain my team again this week.  Sadly Bellerin & Lamela are still out injured.  I substituted out goalkeeper Mignolet and bought in Pickford, as he seems to be scoring quite well at the moment, and will be a good addition to my team.  

De Gea - 2
Azpilicueta - 5
Koscielny - 2
Williams - 2
Kante - 2
Capoue - 10
Mata - 10
Coutinho - 2
Ibrahimovic - 0 (suspended)
Costa (c) - 18 (enjoying consistency from my captain! Hopefully it continues for a while [not holding my breath!])
Negredo - 2

Subs: Pickford - 7, Kingsley - 0, Bellerin - 0, Lamela - 0.

Total: 55 / 602

There were three stand out players in my team this week:  Costa, Mata & Capoue.  I am really pleased that I have Capoue in my team now.  I know last gameweek I was a little disappointed because Snodgrass - who I had subbed out for Capoue - had a blinder and Capoue was average, well this week it was the other way round thank goodness.  The rest of my team were pretty average apart from Azpilicueta and Pickford, who sadly was on my subs bench.  I am regretting not switching Pickford into my team in place of De Gea.  

I could have probably subbed out Ibrahimovic from my team for the week as he was suspended, but it completely escaped me.  Unfortunately, because Lamela & Bellerin were injured, and Kingsley didn't play, I didn't have an automatic sub from my bench.  Any other week and it probably wouldn't have been a problem because I'd have automatic subs, but I feel like that mistake has lost me some points this week - something which I will need to keep in mind for next week and in the future.

My current standings are:

£15 Super League - #3 / 12
League Riffiths - #2 / 8
@ftbllrswanimals - #8 / 49
Scotland - #13,197
Gameweek 1 - #477,312
Overall - #483,411

Luckily for me, this week seemed to be quite low scoring with an average score of 40 so I was above average.  I also scored the second highest weekly score in the £15 Super League losing out to the player who took over top spot by one point.  As you can see below, the top two in the league have a small lead, followed by myself and 4th.  There is then a bit of a cushion down to 5th.  I'm over 100 points off last place at the moment, so fingers crossed I won't be there at the end of the season!!

£15 Super League
I'm up in second place in League Riffiths.  I'm a long long way off first place, however, I have a nice cushion between me and third place.  I am, although, closer to the bottom of this league than I am in the £15 Super League.

League Riffiths

Onto next week!


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