Thursday, 14 August 2014

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Clyde-Sider Journey - Part Two

Welcome to Part two of my Clyde-Sider series.

I have written these as I have done the various media days, training days and shifts, but I am only posting them now that the Games are over due to media rules and me airing on the side of caution - didn't want to get 'sacked' before my role even started (haha)!  Anyway, I hope you enjoy the ups (and downs) of my time volunteering for the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games!

Orientation: Katherine (from media day) and I shared a hotel the night before orientation, as it was too far for us both to travel up to Glasgow for an early start.  We met up with Kate & Lindsay (also from media day) the evening before orientation as it was the perfect time for a catch up.  This was a lovely evening and it was great to catch up with such friendly people.  We all met in the Counting House - funny story number one, Kate texted the wrong number when she thought she was texting Linsday to say she had arrived (she even received a reply: "Counting House?") - and then went to an Italian restaurant, Amarone.  I opted for a starter as I knew a main would be far too big, however, mine looked bigger than the mains.  It was delicious though!  We finished by asking the friendly waiter to take a picture of us all, using Lindsay's phone.  He couldn't work it, and ended up taking over 50 photos without flash... So I gave him my iPod and showed him how to work it (twice), he took 18 photos without flash and eventually, one photo with flash, but by then we were all hysterical with laughter!

Me, Katherine, Kate & Lindsay.

Another funny story from the night was I was paying and dropped 50p, Lindsay got his phone out and used the torch, searching over by another table, however, the money was nestled nicely under our table after all!!

Anyway, Orientation was held at the Emirates Arena, in the East End of Glasgow.  It was a spectacular event, basically telling us about the history of the Commonwealth Games, and getting us all excited for the Games coming to Glasgow, and explaining that we were all a key part of the massive operation.

Finally got my hands on some Lemony Flutter.
Orientation. (The light wasn't brilliant for photo taking!).
Role Specific Training:  I travelled up to Glasgow the night before, as I had to be at Hampden for 9am.  I was so nervous that night that I woke up every single hour, so I felt less than refreshed the day of training!  The first session was quite fun, while learning about general health and safety, and about being a volunteer.  The second session had a LOT more to take in, about our role during the Games.  I also learned that I was one of the 35 out of the 600 not going to be assigned a nation (which is what I had been expecting), so of course, when you have been really looking forward to something and get told that you're not doing it any more, I was a little disappointed.  Anyway, one plus side of being assigned to the services centre is that I have my shifts.  I start on the 8th July and finish on the 6th August.  I also got the day off I needed (I have tickets for the Athletics) and I have opening Ceremony Rehearsal tickets for one of my days off too!  I am still based in the Athletes Village, I will still be working with some awesome people, I can play my own little part in helping this massive event run successfully, it will still be a great experience and hopefully I can learn a lot.

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