Tuesday, 26 August 2014

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Clyde-Sider Journey - Part Seven

Welcome to Part Seven of my Clyde-Sider series.

I have (mostly) written these posts as I have done the various media days, training days and shifts (or a day or two after).  I hope you enjoy the tales of my time volunteering for the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games!!

Wow... I'm on to part SEVEN already, and it's only just the Opening Ceremony!  Here are some pictures from my shift.  I was on a late shift, so I watched the Opening Ceremony from Team Canada HQ!  It was a great shift, as the Village was buzzing.  Susan Nattrass was chosen to be the Team Canada flag bearer.  With the rest of the team wearing their awesome tartan trousers - Canada tartan, the 4 colours of the maple leaf during the year!! - she wore a special kilt!
I applied nail decals to Gillians nails, and we all put on Canadian flag temporary tattoos.
It was amazing just how many Canadians there were in the team.  To see them all gathering together ready for the ceremony was fantastic!  Whilst watching the Canadians gathering, we saw a few other teams all looking really smart in their Ceremonies kit.  There was such a great atmosphere!  From the back of Canada HQ we could see Team Scotland gathering too, we were quite lucky where Canada were based in the Village as there was a good view of a large part of the Village, and also when the Red Arrows went across, we were able to see, and also when the fireworks were happening, we could just about see the top of them and they lit up the whole sky.

Below are some of the photographs I took on the 23rd July - aka Opening Ceremony day!!

Canadian Flag-Bearer:
Susan Nattrass

Gillian's nails.
Suzie with some Canadians.
Morag with some Canadians.

Red Arrows.
Fireworks from the Village.

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