Sunday, 27 September 2015

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30 Days of Colour Sept '15 Challenge - Day 27 - Colour Of Your Eyes

My eyes are green, with a bit of gold in the middle(?!).  But I went for green as that is the dominant and true colour of my eyes.  I didn't have a green the exact same colour as my eyes, but when I was looking through my green drawer, I found two polishes which I thought looked quite similar, so decided I would do a comparison post about these two greens for todays 'Colour Of Your Eyes' prompt.

Rimmel - Green With Envy // Sally Hansen - Pixel Party.

I used three coats of the RImmel polish on my index and ring fingers, and four (or five.... I lost track of the number as I was watching TV) coats of the Sally Hansen polish on my middle and little fingers.

It is very hard to see a difference in these photos!  The more coats of Pixel Polish I put on, the closer it got to the colour of Green With Envy.  Sally Hansen Pixel Polish was a lot more sheer than the Rimmel polish, and was slightly lighter in colour.  Both of them have great shine though!



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