Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Clyde-Sider Journey - Part Ten

Welcome to Part Ten of my Clyde-Sider series.

I have (mostly) written these posts as I have done the various media days, training days and shifts (or a day or two after).  I hope you enjoy the tales of my time volunteering for the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games!!  This is a very picture heavy post, oops!

On the 3rd, I was on an early shift and had very little to do first thing.  Everyone else was out and about on drives, so Clyde & I watched the women's road race on TV in Canada HQ.  Once everyone returned, Suzie & I had a little walk around the village and it was starting to feel pretty empty!  The weather definitely wasn't as good towards the end of the Games, and we got absolutely soaked returning from our late lunch, but luckily it was time for me to get changed and get ready to go to the Closing Ceremony. I went to Burger King (again - gotta make the most of it! haha) for dinner, and then I met up with Hannah. We were one row from the front!  The Closing Ceremony was great, and I was glad I went (I did have an invitation to a Reception with David Cameron, but I thought I would regret not going to the Closing Ceremony when I had the chance!).

Miss this guy!

Coaches Lounge before we got started taking everything down.
Coaches Lounge.
Video I took at the Closing Ceremony - Sorry for the unstableness of it!

The 4th was really quite a sad day.  It was a day full of packing up.  We removed all the stickers from the outside of the Canada houses, and removed all the flags that were left in rooms.  After checking as many rooms as we could - by any means possible - it was back to do a little more packing up.

Kimberly Hyacinthe & I.
In the middle of packing!
Team Canada Clyde-Siders!
Mhairi kindly let myself and 2 other Clyde-Siders go back to her house to get changed and ready for the wrap party, which was really kind of her.  After a good old natter and change of clothes it was off to Bar Bacchus in the Merchant City.  It was the first time I had been there, and there was all Canadian flags hung up which was lovely.  There were some speeches, and then a presentation, where Monique, Lori and Scott said something about each of us volunteers, and gave us a certificate, card and bag of gifts.  It was a really lovely touch.  Then it was time for the food, which was actually really good (and that's saying something because I am a VERY fussy eater!).  My favourite was the chips, cheese and gravy and the 'sliders' (although I did remove the burger and just have the cheese and roll)!   And with that, my time as a Team Canada Clyde-sider was over.
(I did go in to the Village on the 5th for ten minutes to hand back my Clyde-Sider phone, however, the Village was totally lifeless and I'd like to remember my last day as the 4th.)

Vincent, Gillian, Me & Morag.
Gillian, Me & Morag.
Lori, Gillian, Me & Morag.
Awful picture of me!!
Chantal Petitclerc (Chef de Mission),
Monique, Me, Lori &
Scott (General Team Manager).
From Erica Wiebe's Twitter! :)
These were the necklaces I helped the guys with!!
Yummy food!
My Certificate.

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