Friday, 30 December 2016

Fantasy Premier League: Week 18

With both Costa and Kante suspended for this gameweek I decided to transfer out Kante,  but kept Costa as he is one of my best players!  For Kante, I bought in Fletcher - he'll be mainly on the bench, but will hopefully be decent (and cheap) back up.

I gave the armband to Ibrahimovic this week, and it certainly paid off!  Ibrahimovic along with Alli were the top scorers this gameweek with 15 points, so I couldn't have picked a better player for captain.

De Gea - 3
Azpilicueta - 6
Koscielny - 9
Lovren - 2
Williams - 7
Eriksen - 10
Capoue - 2
Mata - 3
Mane - 2
Ibrahimovic (c) - 30(yessss Zlatan!)
Negredo - 1

Pickford - 3, Fletcher - 2, Costa - 0 (suspended), Kingsley - 0

Total: 75
Average: 54
Overall Total: 962

This was the highest gameweek score I have had, so super pleased with that.  Ibrahimovic was a star and scored 30 points for me with 1 goal, 2 assists and 3 bonus points.
It was good to see Koscielny back scoring well this week.  Koscielny, Ibrahimovic and Eriksen were all in the Dream Team ⭐.

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Week 18 was the start of the FPL Cup competition 🏆 and I made it through to the next round with my 75 points versus 35 to a team from Portugal.

I had the highest gameweek points score in the £15 Super League again this week (second highest was J), and I stretched the gap to 2nd place - the gap is now 46 points, with the third placed team 31 points further back.  There is obviously still a long, long way to go in the season, and not for a minute am I expecting to be in first place by the end, but I'm going to give it a damn good shot!

In League Riffiths, even though I am 106 points behind first place, I am 61 points ahead of 3rd place! 

My biggest jump in the smaller leagues was in the @ftbllrswanimals league, climbing up from 5th to 2nd.

I added another win in the head to head match up between me and J, with me scoring higher in 5 weeks, to his 2 weeks.

I'm proud of myself to currently be sitting 148,304 out of 4,264,907 overall players!!

Here are my league standings:

And just for fun... here's the £15 Super League standings:

Boxing Day+3 points=😀⚽👍🏻 #mufc

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  1. Looks like you've had another good set of wins here and you're happy with it so I'm glad for you! Nice position for you to be sitting in too within the other players, surely that's a nice way to end 2016 and head into the New Year with that! Yay! :D - Tasha

    1. Thank you! I'm proud of myself haha! 😂 x


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