Saturday, 24 December 2016

Fantasy Premier League: Week 17

Having taken first place in the £15 Super League all for myself in week 16, now it's time for me to try and create a little gap - and hope my captain choices are good ones!  Let's see what happened in Gameweek 17...
Again, I made no transfers, and kept the same starting line up from week 17, but Mata didn't play so was automatically substituted out for Williams.  I switched captain back to Eriksen from Costa.

De Gea - 6
Azpilicueta - 12
Koscielny - 2
Lovren - 5
Williams - 2 (auto sub in for Mata)
Kante - 2
Eriksen - 4 (not the best captain choice!)
Capoue - 2
Mane - 10
Costa - 6
Ibrahimovic - 12 (great week for Zlatan!)

Pickford - 8, Mata - 0 (auto sub out for Williams), Negredo - 12 (TWELVE POINTS!), Kingsley - 0.

Total: 62
Average: 47
Overall Total: 887

Sadly my change of captain wasn't the best decision - Eriksen didn't score any goals, assist, score any bonus points, or even receive a clean sheet bonus.  Thankfully Azpilicueta, Mane and Ibrahimovic had great matches and scored lots of points for me!

Usually, if I have any attacking players on my bench, they are in the first sub place, with defenders second and third.  I don't know what I was thinking (I probably wasn't - was trying to decide who to give the captain's armband to) but Negredo was second on the subs bench and Williams was first - and Negredo scored 12 points!!  Luckily, losing out on these points didn't affect my league position - I had the highest score in the £15 Super League and I made the gap a little tiny bit bigger down to second place.

This week was also the week when every player had the chance to qualify for the FPL Cup.  My Gameweek score was good enough for this, so let's see how far I can get - the Cup starts in Gameweek 18. 🏆

League Riffiths: 2
£15 Super League: 1  - NUMBER ONE FOR CHRISTMAS 🎄🎉
@ftbllrswanimals: 5

League 895135: 3
League 926719: 3

Scotland: 6,681
Gameweek 1: 240,957
Overall: 244,371


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