Sunday, 2 October 2016

Fantasy Premier League: Week 7

Following on from the performance of my team in week 6, I changed my captain back to Zlatan Ibrahimovic - I did have an urge to change it to Juan Mata, but I wasn't 100% sure whether he would start - and bought Robert Snodgrass in for N'Golo Kante.

Here's how my team got on this week:

De Gea - 3
Azpilicueta - 7
Bellerin - 6
Koscielny - 15 (so happy with the late goal and clean sheet! seems to be a constant performer.)
Williams - 2
Snodgrass - 2
Mata - 3
Lamela - 1
Coutinho - 2
Costa - 12 (what was he playing at last week when he was my captain?!)
Ibrahimovic (c) - 2 (grrrrrrrrrr - waste of a captaincy, should have gone for Mata - 3x2 is better than 1x2 - or stuck with Costa.. pretty much anyone other than Ibrahimovic!)

Subs: Mignolet - 0, Kante - 3, Negredo - 1, Galloway - 0.

Total: 55 / 342

£15 Super League - #4 / 12
League Riffiths - #3 / 8
@ftbllrswanimals - #12 / 48
Scotland - #22336
Gameweek 1 - #751753
Overall - #755537

Gameweek 7 started off not too badly, with the best performers in my team being Diego Costa scoring 12 points and Cesar Azpilicueta scoring 7.

It allll went downhill during the Manchester United v Stoke & Tottenham v Man City matches though.  What could potentially have been a couple of high scoring matches for my players involved turned out to give me only 9 points!
  • Zlatan Ibrahimovic 'did a Costa' and didn't score any goals and picked up a yellow card while being my captain.
  • David De Gea let in a goal which meant no clean sheet bonus for him or Mata.
  • Lamela missed a penalty which was -2 points.
There was, however, a great ending to my weekend as my two Arsenal players did good.  Very good.  Star player of my team this week was Laurent Koscielny with a great haul of 15 points.

I'm pretty chuffed to have climbed up in all the leagues I am in.. especially considering my woeful points haul in the early Sunday matches.


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