Monday, 21 July 2014

Guest Post - Beauty UK Posh Pout Review by Eleanor

Hey guys! My names Eleanor from and I’m here to do a guest blog post on Emma’s blog! Over on my blog I do feel good, ego boosting posts while dealing with important issues and controversial subjects and essential messages, I also do beauty and book reviews and hauls and once a month a music post where I run down the charts and talk about new up and coming stars. Today on Emma’s blog I wanted to do a little beauty review since I know that’s what most of Emma’s followers will be into.  So I wanted to review Beauty UK Posh Pout moisturizing tinted lip balm which at the moment is my all-time favourite lip product.  This range comes in six colours which you can see here:

My favourite colour is the sugar plum fairy one. I find this to be such a lovely every day colour to use that’s not overly bright (like I always panic lip products will be) but it is noticeable unlike some tinted lip balms are. This Is definitely pigmented and feels more like a lipstick than say Maybelline baby lips (to which I’m addicted fyi) which is also a tinted lip balm which is definitely more of a balm. If you’re like me and lipsticks aren’t really your thing due to thin or dry lips, these are amazing. It makes my lips look fuller rather than emphasising the thinness and because it’s a moisturizing lip balm it means doesn’t dry my lips out and have a dry crackled skin finish which I find with hella lipsticks. The product tastes is mint flavoured so you don’t get any sickly sweet taste that gives you a headache, not to mention that these are extremely cheap at about three pounds each! I’m definitely looking forward to getting more colours and wholly recommend you try these out too!


Great review from Eleanor there!  I love the colours of these lip balms, and after that review I may well be tempted to try them out!  Thank you for writing this guest post for my blog!



  1. Lovely review Eleanor, I'm tempted to get these now (especially at the price!) I always love darker colours for lipsticks, but that purply lilac shade at the top is drawing me in as well!

    ~Becca // :)

  2. Ohh I'm actually on the lookout for a new lipstick! These look great I will have to try a few!

  3. Thanks guys would defo recommend!


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