Tuesday, 28 January 2014

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GUEST POST - Mandy from Ladymaidnails.blogspot.ca

First things first, hello I'm Mandy from Ladymaidnails.blogspot.ca. I blog over there regularly and hope you will stop by sometime.

Emma and I were talking recently, and she mentioned she was leaving shortly to assist with some preparation for the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. I offered right away to guest post, because I thought of this manicure in her honor. This is the logo I found online for the Commonwealth Games this year. 

The polishes I used for the skittlette and art were Nabi Sky (blue), OPI Shop Til Sunset (orange), and OPI Passion for Fashion (red).

The white base on the accent art finger is Sally Hansen White On. I first went in with a fine striping brush and black acrylic paint to get the black lines. Then started with the center colour and worked my way out. After I went back in with the striper brush and some white acrylic to clean up all the lines.

I took one picture each for you in my lightbox and sunlight. This last one is a close up to show you the art. Less perfect this close, but there you go!

Good luck to Emma this week.

Cheers all.


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