Wednesday, 16 October 2013

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Volunteering - UCI Juniors Track Championships

So, after enjoying the Track Cycling World Cup so much, I jumped at the chance to volunteer for the Junior Track Championships.  With the World Cup, I originally applied to be a hospitality assistant as it was the role I felt was most like other things I've done, but at the last minute I got switched to anti-doping, which I was quite apprehensive about at first because it is such a crucial role, but it wasn't too bad (as described in my blog post about it!).  This time, I thought I'd apply straight off for the anti-doping, as even though I did find the thought of it a little daunting, I felt that I needed to push myself.  I was accepted, and then my Junior Track Champs journey began! 

The event slotted in nicely between Loch Lomond Youth Soccer Festival and my week being a Frontrunner for Glasgow 2014, but it meant a jam packed 2/3 weeks!  
The training/familiarisation day was the day before the event, and the day that Me & Hannah had been up really early (4.30am) to accompany our lovely group of Canadians to the airport - after having returned from accompanying them to the Edinburgh Tattoo at about 12.30am!  Luckily I didn't have anything else to do the rest of the day, so I could recharge my batteries ready for heading to the Velodrome.
I must say again, just how much I love the Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome!  It's just such a fantastic venue, and the fact that it's nice and warm inside makes it feel like going on holiday when you step into it, definitely one of my favourite places in Glasgow.
Anyway, after meeting with my fellow volunteers, and picking up my new t-shirts I was all ready for the next day.
I had way more to do this time as opposed to the World Cup, which was great and I really got into the stride of things.  I still had time to do a little spectating though, which was fun.  Again, as I have found with most volunteering, everyone I worked with was so friendly and that added to the atmosphere.  Also, almost all the cyclists and coaches I met were great fun!  I even got asked for a photo by one of the Argentinian cyclists! Which is weird as it's usually me asking for pictures haha!!
The shifts were good, I was in the velodrome from around 4/5, and scheduled to finish around 10, but due to the nature of my role, I didn't leave before 11.30 on any of the days, which didn't really matter as it was a nice atmosphere amongst the volunteers, commissaires and athletes.
I had to miss the last day of the championships due to having a training day for Glasgow 2014, however, I was able to attend the end of Championships Shindig at the Old Fruitmarket in Glasgow.  The venue was decorated beautifully, and to my surprise almost all the teams attended!  Me and Hannah were sat at a table with some of the Columbian team.  We persuaded the Columbians to come and dance the ceilidh dances with us, which was really fun. 
Old Fruitmarket Shindig

After the shindig, we ended up going to a Brazilian bar, with the Danish Mechanic & Physio, one of the New Zealand coaches, and the Russian coach and his translator.  What a random mix of people!! However, after such a busy time, we just stayed for 15mins before going to the newsagents and buying some chocolate and returning to our hotel haha!!

Tshirt signed by Dannielle Khan and Team USA


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