Wednesday, 5 June 2013

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Volunteering - Track Cycling World Championships

Some more volunteering I did was at the Track Cycling World Championships in November at the new Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome.  The event took place 16th - 18th November, and I had one training evening to attend before the weekend.  I was originally scheduled to help in hospitality, but I got drafted in to be an anti-doping chaperone.  I was quite nervous to be given such a role, but in the end it wasn't too nerve-wracking once I'd carried out my duties once.  It was very interesting to be part of a crucial part of the sport.  When I wasn't on shift I got to watch some of the racing, which was amazing and I learnt a lot about track cycling.  I didn't like the crashes though, and there were quite a few of those!  Being in the centre of the track when Laura Trott won the omnium event was crazy, the noise from the crowd was so loud, it was electric!  After the event, I managed to catch a few of the German team for photos (below).  I volunteered with my friend Hannah, who was a start gate operator, and I met some great new people!! :)

Some of the German Team:

Me, Stefan Botticher & Jeni

Me & Robert Forstemann

Jeni, Kristina Vogel & Me
My Memorabilia:

My Weekend

Some pictures of the action taken by me while off duty:

* Click on photos to enlarge :)


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