Monday, 6 March 2017

Get Crafty: Cuddly Bunny & Bea-hoot-iful Owl

Recently, when my mum was doing a fabric order, I was inspired to also make a fabric order (it was rather difficult as there were soooo many fabrics to choose from!!) and after browsing the patterns I chose a couple of those too.  The first one I chose was this pattern pack containing an owl, deer, rabbit, raccoon and fox.

The first thing I made was this cute bunny (below), but I was so eager to make it, I didn't take any photos!  I'm really pleased with how it turned out, and considering it is the first proper thing I have sewn in a long long time, it's really not bad.  Practice makes perfect, and there are things that I learned from this make, that I was able to improve on when making the owl.

When I moved onto the owl, I made sure to take a few progress photos.

First off, here is the pattern all cut out - it's basically baking parchment 😂!

After cutting out the pattern, and choosing which material I was going to use, I pinned the pattern on.

As you may see, I had to create an extra wing piece as I needed to cut out 4 pieces (the material was doubled) and it meant I could do all the pinning and cutting at the same time.  For the eyes and beak I used some sticky backed fabric.

Once I had cut out the pieces, I then again got too keen with the sewing and forgot to take any photos until I had finished!!  Next time, I'll make sure to take photos at each and every step!

Here is the finished owl.

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Wednesday, 1 March 2017

How Now, Beltie Cow?

I just had to stop and take pictures of these Beltie Cows when I saw them at the side of the road. Aren't they gorgeous? I believe in America they are affectionately known as Oreo Cows!
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