Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Ignition Festival, Glasgow - Track Action

There were two track sessions each day at the Ignition Festival, with viewing available almost all the way around the specially built circuit, which went around the SECC and the Hydro.  I watched some of the action out the back of the exhibition hall, some from the paddock, and some from the grandstand.  Each session lasted around two and a half hours, and it was non-stop action.

There were so many different cars and vehicles on show, it really was fantastic.  The track line up included:  Top Gear Supercar Grid, the evolution of the Porsche, Classic motorsport cars, hot rods, the Red Bull Racing RB7, Japspeed, an off road section and various other cars.

There was a race between the Ariel Atom & BAC Mono.  The BAC Mono was driven by the same driver, Joe, that drove me around the track in the Audi.  In the second track session, the BAC had a good start, but was overtaken by the ariel, however, the ariel spun on the last lap of the drift section of the track, allowing the BAC mono to take back the lead and win.
BAC Mono
The BAC Mono and Ariel Atom waiting to go to the start line (this was in the first track session) - which Joe told me that he won.
BAC Mono & Ariel Atom on the start line in the second track session.

Victory doughnuts!
The offroad section was fun.  It was crazy how much suspension these vehicles below had.  They went over the huge boulders with ease, and also travelled some distance with only 2 or 3 wheels on the ground! 

These cars were tiny, but speedy!

The Stig then took the BAC Mono for a spin!

Doughnuts from the Stig.

Being a big fan of Formula One, seeing David Coulthard in the Red Bull was a definite highlight.  Although I have been to DC's museum and seen his cars up close, I have never seen an F1 car in action before, so it was quite special.

David Coulthard came out onto the track in the championship winning Red Bull Racing RB7.

DC also did some doughnuts!

The noise of the RB7 was fantastic.

The finale of Sunday's second and very last track session of the 2016 Ignition Festival was Jimmy McRae in Colin McRae's famous L555BAT rally car.


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