Monday, 10 November 2014

Nails Inc - Wigmore Street

This post was one of my favourites, after battling with a keyboard which didn't want to type G, H or -,  and WiFi connection issues, I managed to write a good blog post.  However, halfway through the writing, my WiFi connnection completely died, and then my laptop started smoking and making a scary noise, so I had to shut down without being able to save (I did copy and paste to a word document, but my laptop is too scary to turn on right now!) :( !

So anyway, here is a whole new post about the lovely polish I picked up recently, free with GLAMOUR magazine.

With an RRP of £11 a bottle, getting a full size bottle for £2 (as well as a magazine) is a great offer!

This colour is gorgeous, it is called Wigmore Street.  I'd describe it as an indigo, a bluey purple.

As soon as I started painting my nails, I loved the colour.  It gave good opacity in the first coat, however, I think two coats are perfect.  I knew I wanted to try it out matte, and I am pleased with how it looks.  The pictures show two coats, plus top coat.

I love this polish, and may well end up purchasing the other colours!

If I manage to salvage my previous post off my laptop, I will upload it, as it was a post I was really proud of.  Kind of gutted, but I needed to show you all how great this polish is, so you can go out and get it!! :)
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Tuesday, 4 November 2014

New Nail Polish - Fruit Vibe

I recently received a birthday present, from my friend who I haven't seen for a couple of months, and contained in it was nail polishes!! 

L-R: Cranberry Kiss, Raspberry Ice & Bramble Burst.

Kumquat Crush.

These polishes have a lovely shine to them, and were opaque in 2 coats (shown in the pictures).

I love them, and can't wait to get them on my nails, they sure will brighten up the imminent grey days of autumn/winter!  I can feel a super bright tribal design coming on....
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I am currently having laptop issues!  With that, then having the cold, and then a quick trip to Glasgow to see The Courteeners , I haven't been able to blog for what feels like ages!

I wrote a post tonight (using an on screen keyboard as my G & H still aren't working) but my laptop wouldn't reconnect to the internet, then it started making noises and smoking, so I had to turn it off... I did save it to a word document quickly though, so I will try and post that particular post soon, featuring Nails Inc 'Wigmore Street'.

However, for now it looks like phone posts... So apologies if formatting is all over the place!

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