Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Fantasy Premier League: Week 14

I made one transfer and two changes to my team this week... Let's take a look at how that worked out for me:

With Coutinho being a key player in my team, I felt with him being out for a few weeks it was worth transferring him out and bringing someone else in to (hopefully) score some points.  I decided to bring in Eriksen.  Out of the starting line up went Williams and Coutinho, and in came Lovren and Eriksen.

I thought this week was going to be a tough week because Chelsea were playing Manchester City - and I have three Chelsea players in my team - so decided not to have Costa as my captain.  I could have given it to another of the strikers, but opted for Eriksen.  I was torn between Negredo and Eriksen, as the opponents of each (Hull and Swansea) have let in quite a few goals recently.  Thanks to 'The Scout', I read that Eriksen had had the most attempts from midfield over the last six gameweeks, so I thought that coupled with Swansea's defensive record, Eriksen would be my captain this week.

De Gea - 2
Azpilicueta - 2
Koscielny - 1
Lovren - 0
Eriksen (c) - 36 (by far my best player this week!)
Kante - 1
Capoue - 2
Williams - 2 (automatic substitution for Mata)
Ibrahimovic - 7
Costa - 12
Negredo - 2

Subs: Pickford - 3, Kingsley - 0, Mata - 0, Lamela - 0 (still injured).

Total: 67 / 714   (average - 50)

With Costa playing in the first match of the weekend, I was a little annoyed when he scored one and assisted with another, meaning he had quite a good points haul.  I thought I had made a terrible mistake, but could only hope that Eriksen would pull through for me, and pull through he did!  He scored 18 points, 36 being captain.  He scored two goals, assisted with one and got a point for a clean sheet and 2 bonus points.  It is the highest score I have had for one player since Ibrahimovic was my captain in week 2 and scored 26 points - still a long way off Eriksen's haul.

Sadly it was a bad day for my defence with zero clean sheets.  Lovren and Liverpool were disappointing - letting in 4 goals in the second half.  I wasn't expecting Chelsea to keep a clean sheet versus Aguero and Manchester City, so his 2 points were expected.  In the Manchester United match, up until the 89th minute I was on for clean sheet bonus of 4 points for De Gea, but I lost that thanks to Fellaini giving away a penalty.  Adding insult to injury, De Gea also gained a yellow card in the 90th minute losing me another point.  If I had had those points, I would have been two points off the lead going into the last match on Monday, however, the gap to 1st on Sunday night was 9 points.  Negredo ended up with 2 points (no goals!), so I ended gameweek 14 on 714 points, 8 behind 1st place in the £15 Super League.  I am still in a better position than I was last week, so I am really pleased with how my team and I did this week!!  I also had the highest Gameweek score in that league, closely followed by Jamie!

My current standings are:

£15 Super League - #2 / 12
League Riffiths - #2 / 8
@ftbllrswanimals - #8 / 49
Scotland - #12,087
Gameweek 1 - #442,323
Overall - #448,880

£15 Super League


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