Wow, it's been an awfully long time since I posted anything on here.  Life very much got in the way, and there doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day!
Seeing as it is fast approaching 2019 (I started this post on 31st December but ran out of time), I am in a very reflective mood and wanted to write more than I could in a Tweet or an Instagram post.  So, sit back and relax.... here goes:
If you do follow me on Instagram, or even more so on Twitter, you will already know that I like a good moan, and 2018 provided a few things for me to moan about.  There were definitely lows, however, I'm not going to dwell on those too much and focus on the highs, the things I have gained in 2018, and the moments I have enjoyed.
The start of 2018 was definitely a huge low at the time, with the end of a fairly long relationship.  I am so grateful to family, friends, and even strangers on the internet who sent me kind messages and helped me through the initial first few weeks.  So…

FPL 2017/18 - Gameweek 6

Elliot - 2
Azpilicueta - 14
Jones - 9
Davies - 1
Kante - 2
Eriksen - 9
David Silva (vc) - 11
Groß - 3
Firminho - 2
Aguero (c) - 22
Lukaku - 7

Hart - 1
Mbemba - 2
Doucoure - 1
Hunemeier - 0

Total Points: 82
Average: 60
Gameweek Rank: 297,585

FPL Cash League: 7
League RIffiths: 6
League Whooo: 1473
Scotland: 43588
Overall: 1844965

FPL 2017/18 - Gameweek 2

After a bit of a disappointing start to the season, I decided to stick it out with my team and hope for improved performances... was this the correct decision? Let's take a look.

FPL 2017/18 - Gameweek 1

Here we are once again, the start of another Fantasy Premier League season!  Not long into my first season I have to admit I became a little obsessed, and this year I have taken my FPL addiction to a new level and subscribed to a new magazine solely about Fantasy Football!  The week before the Gameweek One deadline, I must have changed my team around a good thirty times.  The team I stuck with had some big players (with big price tags) - Harry Kane, Kevin De Bruyne, Christian Eriksen & Romelu Lukaku, I'm looking at you - as well as a few cheaper players like Nemanja Matic and Manolo Gabbiadini.  The lack of Chelsea players worried me slightly, but after their nightmare first match, I'm quite pleased I didn't have any in my team!  Let's see how my first Gameweek of the 2017/18 season went...
De Gea - 6
Cedric - 6
Bellerin - 1
Kompany - 6
Eriksen - 12
De Bruyne - 3
Matic - 3
Milivojevic - 1
Gabbiadini - 2
Kane (C) - 2
Lukaku (VC) - 13
Elliot - 2
Carroll - 3
Hunemeier -…

Ignition Festival 2017: Show & Paddock

#DaysOut:  It definitely doesn't feel like a year since the last time I was at Ignition Festival in Glasgow.  You can read all about it here, here and here!  Anyway, I returned again this year and here are some of the many photographs I took in the paddock and indoor show.  I'll be posting my pictures and some videos from the outdoor show soon.


Day Trip with Suzie | Part 2

#DaysOut: Part two of the day trip with Suzie saw us visit Mabie Farm Park, just outside New Abbey, then take a little trip down the A710.

We were literally the only people in the park for the last hour and a half, so we got to enjoy all of the rides and equipment!  The best thing was a giant pillow which was like a trampoline/boucy castle! The most hilarious was the big slide which you go down in little carts.  You pick up quite a bit of speed and then kind of get thrown out the cart at the bottom.  We were crying with laughter at this!!  In fact, the whole trip to the Farm Park was full of laughter for one reason or another and it was really good to forget life and just have a really good time.  It was much needed.

This little viewpoint was just off the A710, and there was probably room for 4 cars.  There was a squirrel statue on top of a pole, and a lovely view over the Nith Estuary.  Sadly, it wasn't too clear a day and we couldn't see too much of what was pointed out on …