Monday, 24 October 2016

Fantasy Premier League: Week 9

New week means yet another captain change.  I decided to go for Costa, as Chelsea were playing Manchester United and I figured with Costa scoring quite a few goals recently he would probably score, so I might as well get double points which would help cancel out the pain of losing points from De Gea conceding.  Let's see what happened...

De Gea - 0
Azpilicueta - 7
Bellerin - 7
Koscielny - 8 (pity his performance dropped when he was my captain last week...)
Williams - 1
Snodgrass - 2
Mata - 1
Lamela - 2
Coutinho - 10 (star performer in my team this week)
Costa (c) - 4 (don't know why I am surprised - I seem to have a captains curse!)
Ibrahimovic - 2

Subs: Mignolet - 0, Kante - 8 (gutted he was on my bench!), Negredo - 2, Galloway - 0.

Total: 44 / 427

£15 Super League - #6 / 12
League Riffiths - #3 / 8
@ftbllrswanimals - #12 / 48
Scotland - #20338
Gameweek 1 - #727611
Overall - #733991

Saturday started off the game week well with 6 of my team scoring a total of 30 points - Coutinho scored 10 of those points.  It seems like a long time since I had a player scoring double figures!  Both Koscielny and Bellerin scored fairly well also.  Sunday was always going to be a funny day with three players from Manchester United (including Goalkeeper De Gea) and three (one on the bench) Chelsea players (including striker Costa).  WIth Costa as my captain, if Chelsea were going to score I wanted it to be him.  Obviously I should have learned by now that I have a huge Captains Curse hanging over my team - Chelsea scored four goals with Costa scoring none of them.  To add insult to injury, Kante - who was on my bench - scored a goal!

This week overall, however, wasn't too bad as I scored more points than last week and climbed up all the leagues (apart from League Griffiths where I stayed 3rd).

Now onto Game Week 10.... Wonder who I should have as my captain?


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