Friday, 15 August 2014

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Clyde-Sider Journey - Part Three

Welcome to Part three of my Clyde-Sider series.

I have written these as I have done the various media days, training days and shifts, but I am only posting them now that the Games are over due to media rules and me airing on the side of caution - didn't want to get 'sacked' before my role even started (haha)!  Anyway, I hope you enjoy the ups (and downs) of my time volunteering for the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games!

Uniform and Accreditation: This was one of the days I was most looking forward to!  After seeing the uniform at orientation, I was so excited to finally get to try it on and get my own!  It is even better than I expected!  My favourite item is the soft shell jacket and I will definitely be wearing it after the Games have finished.  When I returned home, I donned my uniform and had a photoshoot with my mum being the photographer... She took over 100 photographs!  I knew I had to get at least one decent photo as I had to send one in for a BBC article! Here is the article!!

Photoshoot for Programme:  So, I kept this a secret when I posted about the photoshoot before, but seeing as I am writing this to post after the Games, I can say what I was being photographed for.  I was asked by the media team if I would like to be featured in one of the Commonwealth Games programmes as "Clyde-Sider of the day"!  So I headed to Glasgow to meet up with Shiona from the programme team and photographer Willie Vass!  Katherine was also in Glasgow for the shoot and we ended up having our photo's taken together.  I felt like quite a celebrity having my picture taken in Central Station.  We moved around a bit, having pictures taken in the pop up shop, in front of the countdown clock, next to the shop and outside the station!

Afterwards, Katherine and I went to see the 'Big G' with Michael who was also on the shoot.  It was SO wet, I just hope the weather is better for the Games!  We managed to get some respite from the pouring rain when we met up with Lindsay at Central Station and went for a wee drink.  It was so nice to catch up with both Katherine and Lindsay.

Venue Specific Training: More Training!  This time it was Venue Specific, and my venue is the Commonwealth Games Village.  It was nice as I saw Hannah when I first entered the Village.  She has a paid role there, and all the staff lined the route we all had to take to the venue for our first presentation.  The presentation was mainly a summary of what we had already been told about the Village at Role Specific Training, however, it was quite useful to hear it all again.  We then went on a tour of the main areas in the Village.  It is amazing, the accommodation is brand new, the area has all been landscaped, and it is right across the road from The Emirates Arena & Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome! The Village is hugeeee, and I'm pretty sure I'll get lost once or twice!  We then split up into our different functional areas to again run through our roles, just to make sure it all goes as smooth as possible on our first day on shift!

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