Thursday, 11 February 2016


#Gregathlon - Glasgow

Greg James, the Radio One DJ, is in the process of doing five triathlons in five days - with each one being longer than an Olympic Triathlon - in aid of Sport Relief!  That is some major feat of endurance!  So far Greg has completed a triathlon in Belfast, Cardiff, Glasgow and Sheffield.  Tomorrow's fifth and final triathlon is taking place in Norwich.

These cities were chosen for Greg's challenge as, along with London, they are to play host to Sainsbury's Sport Relief Flagship Games on Sunday 20th march 2016.

You can sign up for the Sainsbury's Sport Relief Mile, the Sainsbury's Sport Relief Swimathon and the Sainsbury's Sport Relief Cycle taking place in these locations.  There are also lots more events happening in other towns and cities.  Head over to the Sport Relief website to find you local event.

You can sponsor Greg by texting GREG to 70703 to donate £3. (costs £3 + standard network charges - more info can be found HERE).

You can find out more about Greg's motivation, and how Sport Relief helps people both in the UK and further afield HERE.

The nearest Gregathlon to me was Glasgow, so I decided to go and meet up with Hannah and go cheer on Greg!
After refreshing the tracker every five minutes, we took our eyes off the ball for a split second, and just after we came out of a shop, Greg appeared out of nowhere about 100 yards in front of us... so instead of managing to cheer him on from the sidelines (as we knew we had no way of catching him) we decided to race him to the BBC Scotland building.  Obviously we took the more direct route, down to the River Clyde and along... but it was still a fair way.
We made it with about 15minutes to spare.  It was a lovely day as the sun was shining although it was a little chilly (we had warmed up nicely on the walk across though).  There we found Alice Lavine, some fellow supporters, a few cameras, and the finish line all set out ready for Greg's arrival.

Greg was accompanied for the final part of him run by Kimberly Wyatt, former Pussycat Doll, and Celebrity Masterchef 2015 Champion!

Here is Greg, along with Kimberly, crossing the finish line outside the BBC Scotland building.  Bless him, he was so polite even after all his exertion, and thanked us all for coming.  The guy is a machine... he seriously looked so fresh considering this was his third triathlon in three days!

And look who ended up in some of the photographs taken by other people.... (shame they didn't get my good side in that first photo...haha!!)


Here's a round up of Greg's Glasgow Triathlon (I also make a split second cameo appearance at the end of this!):

What a fantastic achievement by Greg!  What a trooper.  Here's wishing him a nice rest after his final triathlon tomorrow!!

The current total (19-09-2016) is:


Keep up to date with the total HERE


  1. Lol I have never heard of him :-| But well done :-D

    1. Awh haha. He is on Radio One 4-7 weekdays :) ! He's done so great with these triathlons!

    2. Lol I'm an auld yin! I tend to listen to Classic Rock stations ;-) And forced to listen to Clyde 2 at the work - which is okay most of the time!

    3. Awh!! haha! :) I've never listened to Clyde 2!

  2. I have been listening to this on Radio One, its amazing what he is doing!
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