Tuesday, 7 February 2017

My Internet A-Z

This was a fun idea which I saw on twitter.  I tried to go back and find the tweet, but I couldn't.  If I do, I will give credit here!  The tweeter said that they had a good idea for an app, which would automatically give you your Internet A-Z.  I thought it would make a fun little blog post.

Basically, you just put each letter into your internet search bar, and either a web page or a search term will come up first, and whichever comes first you list/copy&paste that.

Here is what happened when I tried it out (some letters didn't have any!):

A - www.able-labels.co.uk (great for personalised products)
B - www.blogger.com
C - www.customcraftshapes.co.uk (wooden shapes)
D - designbundles.net/free-design-resources
E - Emma's Space (of course πŸ˜‚)
F - Fantasy Premier League (on this page at least once a day trying to perfect my team!)
Ggame.covetfashion.com (the app/game Covet Fashion is so addictive!)
H - www.hotmail.com
Iikea.com/gb/en/collections/kallax/ (bought a unit from this range and I am in love!)
J - πŸ™
K - http://www.kyleighspapercuts.co.uk/
L - loudclothing.com (you get great superhero tshirts here!)
N - nowtv.com
P - picmonkey.com
Q - qosfc.com/fixtures (my football team!)
R - royalmail.com/track-your-item
S - superdrug.com
T - twitter.com
V - visitscotland.org
W - πŸ˜•
X - 'X74 bus timetable' (Dumfries to Glasgow bus)
Y - YouTube.com
Z - zoopla.co.uk (OH is moving to ScotlandπŸ˜„!!)

If you give it a go, let me know!


  1. Oh this is fun! I'll have to try this out at some point, I expect some of the results will either make me laugh or go, "When did I search for that?!", haha! Great idea. Think I may have to check out the Loud Clothing link, I love superhero t-shirts! - Tasha

    1. It didn't take very long either! Haha yes, I couldn't remember when I had visited a couple of the pages. Good way of discovering new sites for readers too. Yes! It's a great website! I bought my brother a couple of the lucky dip boxes for Christmas, and I then got myself one and each t-shirt was different and fab! x

  2. This is brilliant, my Google history is so random though! I may get judged! And how addictive is Covet Fashion?? I had to delete the app, I was obsessed. And also, nowhere near as stylish as the challenges, which is a bit soul destroying!!
    M x Life Outside London

    1. Haha, I like to use incognito mode πŸ˜‚.
      Ah covet fashion.. there's been a major new update with two versions in the one app now! I'm not very stylish, and rarely get over 5 πŸ˜” but I love it when I nail it πŸ˜‚. x

  3. I'm not even moving and I'm still on zoopla all the time. (Jus fantasising about owning instead of renting, mostly!) x


    1. Yeah, ev en if I don't have a reason to be on there, I'm very often on zoopla or rightmove. I loveee looking at really expensive houses that I'll never ever be able to afford 😍! It's good to dream πŸ˜‚. x


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