Saturday, 7 January 2017

#Project365: Day 1 - 5

Welcome to my Project 365 series!  I have decided that 2017 is going to be my year to tackle this - I think it's such a fun (but quite possibly challenging) thing to do, and to look back on at the end of the year.  I am going to (try to) take a photo every single day for 365 days.  I will upload them in small batches like this.
I just hope that I can keep up, remember to take pictures and not give up!

Day 1
I treated myself to a light box! I've seen them all over the internet over the last few months and really like them, so I'm really happy to have one in my possession now!  They seem to be sold out in most places right now, so I'm glad I purchased mine when I did!  Anyway, Hello 2017!

Day 2
This lovely calendar was given to me by Suzie for Christmas!  It's so cute, and I love the fact that it will last forever!

Day 3
I was gifted colouring calendars for Christmas, so there's no time like the present to start colouring them in is there?!  With a little help from some chocolate of course..

Day 4
Painted my nails to match my jumper for the next day - or so I thought.  I was convinced that these were more purple than this.. they certainly looked that way in artificial light (it was dark outside) and did match with my jumper.  The camera said otherwise and all I kept getting was a photo of reddy coloured nails.  (Please excuse the quality of this picture!  I just could not get a good shot, and I was trying so hard to see purple nails on my camera!) I found the camera to be true in the morning.. they were in fact pretty much pinky red.... 😂 so they didn't really go with my jumper.  They were still pretty though.

Day 5
As part of my Mum's Christmas present, we as a family went to see the Scottish Ballet performance of Hansel & Gretel.  My mum did ballet for a good number of years, so really appreciated the skill and dedication involved, and she loved it.  It was my first time at the ballet, and apart from the music making me a little sleepy 😂 it was really good!  I loved watching the dancers' feet, and it fascinates me how anyone can go 'en pointe' - the whole of your body weight right on the tips of your toes.. ouchy!

Okay, so not the most exciting photos, but I'm sure I will take some better ones soon.  Anyway, it would be nice to see an improvement over the 365 days...!!


  1. I just did one of these projects in 2016, so I am excited to follow along with yours and see how it goes!

    1. Thank you! I hope I can keep up with it! :)

  2. Nice idea, I like it :-D Will be watching over the months :-D

    Some polishes are a nightmare to capture! Pretty mani though :-D

    1. Thank you! :D

      Oh, I had such a hard time with this polish! I haven't painted/photographed my nails since... haha!! That's tonight's task.


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