Sunday, 4 December 2016

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#NOTD: Red Holo Gel

How gorgeous is this red holographic gel nail polish?

I have been after a red holo polish since I purchased my born pretty holos a while ago, but the red one was always sold out.
I found these holographic gel polishes on eBay and was so happy to get a red one! I also purchased a pink one, which I haven't tried out just yet.

In the envelope with the polishes came some application instructions.  I'm glad I had a little read, because the application of this polish was a bit different to how I have been applying gel polish.

For this application I followed the instructions:
  • Apply a base coat & cure (The base coat I used was gdi base coat)
  • Apply a top coat & cure (The top coat I used was Candy Coat Super Shiny No Wipe Top Coat)
  • Apply a coat of the holo polish,  DO NOT CURE.  It took about one minute for this coat to dry itself.  The polish wasn't too opaque so I added two more coats
  • Apply top coat and cure.

This polish is stunning! I'm a bit sad that it's winter and mostly grey right now because when the sun (or lights) do catch it, it really comes to life.



  1. It is gorgeous! I really love a good holo :-D

    Living in West Central Scotland doesn't really help with swatching holos! The sun really brings out the best in holos <3 <3

    1. Me too, think it's my favourite finish of polish!
      Just applying the pink holo right now... Need to pray for some winter sun!! X

  2. I just came across from Danielle's group to say hello! I'll make sure I'm following your blog now so I don't miss out on any other pots of yours. I love this nail colour, the sparkles are so pretty. - Tasha


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