Saturday, 5 March 2016



You may have seen that I recently ordered some photos from Cheerz.  I earned some credit from referrals (I believe you can too, after your first order!) so I decided to treat myself to some more goodies...

I love how the products are packaged in little wallets.  The lovely people of Cheerz even included a cute magnet in the package too!  It now lives on my helmer!

I liked the look of the photo strips, as they are a bit different to singular photo prints, and when they arrived they were just as good as I expected them to be.  I'm not sure how I will display them yet - I'm open to ideas!  On the website they are shown used as bookmarks, which is a fun idea.

I decided on making themed strips - eg one with photos of me, one with photos of the Olympics and one with Courteeners photos on... and because there was the option of having text at the bottom, I put in a hashtag with the theme - because I love a hashtag!

I love these fun photo strips, they are a great way of preserving memories in real life and not just on a computer.  Also, considering most of these photographs came off my Facebook page - and I believe the photos are compressed when put onto Facebook - the clarity of the photos is excellent.  I would highly recommend to anyone looking for print outs, or personalised gifts.



  1. This so cool and would be a great gift for someone :) Tania xx

    1. Yeah! They do little boxes of photos and magnets too, which would be a lovely keepsake xx


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