Saturday, 6 February 2016

Help?! I Corrupted My Memory Card.

So, I seem to have corrupted my camera memory card.

I accidentally pressed the wrong button, and lost all my photographs.
Although, I believe my photographs are still there, as it shows that almost half of the memory on the card is used up... but I just cannot access them.

Somehow, in my 'recent files' I have one of the pictures which I had viewed on my laptop before the incident occurred.  I can't do anything with it though - I can't edit, upload, move or use it.  I did manage to take a screen shot of it, but it just does't have the quality of the actual photo.  This was a picture I was thrilled with too... what are the chances of catching a Red Kite 'toileting'?  I didn't see it while I was taking photos, but when I looked on my camera and saw it, I couldn't believe it!  I thought it was a piece of string or something at first, but there was no sign of it when the Kite was flying around, and it isn't carrying something because the Kite doesn't have its talons down.  Obviously it was a lot clearer in the image straight off my camera.

I would love to get this photo back, along with photo's of two sets of nails which I hadn't had a chance of saving to my computer.

Any tips??
Do you have any recommendations for Photo Recovery Software?
Have you ever managed to retrieve photographs you thought you had lost?


  1. Sorry I have no idea. That sucks :-(

    I asked my husband who is really into photography and cameras, he has no idea. But I just had a quick look on Google "how to retrieve corrupted pictures from sd card" and a the top hit seems to be a program.

    Hope that helps and you can get it sorted :-)

    1. Awh, thank you lovely!
      There are a few programmes, but I'm not sure if they are safe/secure and want to be totally sure before downloading to my laptop. The one I tried, my antivirus didn't like.
      I'm going to stick at it though... :) x


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