Thursday, 28 January 2016

Thursday's Tunes - Rachel Platten: Wildfire

Today's Thursday's Tunes is all about Rachel Platten's album Wildfire.

This is a great album for belting out loud in the car!  It is full of really catchy choruses, and is such a feel good album.

Favourite Songs:

Beating Me Up - Catchy.  I find it energizing, probably because of the beat.  Definitely a foot tapper!

Angels in Chelsea - Great lyrics.

Better Place - Cute love song.  She sounds like she is smiling while singing this.  At 1.54 the melody sounds a little haunting.

Fight Song - This is the first song I heard from Rachel Platten and I instantly liked it.  Great to sing along to loud. (Also THIS instrumental cover was performed by ThePianoGuys and it's so good.  They even manage to add in a little 'Amazing Grace' in there too. The bagpipes just give me goosebumps).

Stand By You - Great chorus, I find myself humming it over and over again!  It's stuck in my head!!


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