Friday, 20 November 2015

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New Blog URL

While I was sorting out my social media and making everything match, I changed my blog address! It's now All of my posts are still here though!

Sadly, there are a couple of not so good consequences:

1.  My bloglovin' with over 300 followers is now worthless, as I had to create another one for this new URL.
*Update - I have found a way to transfer over my old followers... Phew!* 
 2.  All of the inlinkz link ups I've participated in in the past are now going to my old URL, where the content is no longer at.  This is sad, but I'll just have to take part in more in the future to get traffic up again.

I also downloaded a nice clean blogger template called 'Elegant' from

I enjoy playing around with the way my blog looks, so I might end up trying a few more of the themes out, as there are some nice ones!  To go with the new template, I created a new header which I think looks more sleek than my previous one.

New Header

Old Header

Anyway, overall I am pleased with the changes as it's nice to have everything matchy matchy!

You can find me at:
Twitter - @emmamereta (It is the first time I have changed my twitter handle since joining in 2008.  Feels like the end of an era! Goodbye @emma_qosfc!!)
Instagram - @emmamereta
Blog - Emma's Space
Bloglovin' - Emma Mereta / Emma's Space


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