Monday, 23 November 2015


Essie - Strut Your Stuff

I recently purchased my very first Essie polish - shocking I know.  I picked up Strut Your Stuff, a gorgeous bright blue, in TK Maxx.

  I also bought two Orly polishes which I will show you in a later post.  I was unsure which of my new polishes to put on my nails first, but with the football approaching, I went for the blue Essie polish.
Then I was torn between using this blue and going for one of my holographic blue polishes, as the weather forecast was showing unusually bright weather for Saturday.  I decided to go ahead with the new polish and just add a little glitter on top.

I used three thin coats of Essie Strut Your Stuff, and two coats of Technic Mermaid, a blue/turquoise glitter.

These are the two polishes I used... Technic Mermaid and Essie Strut Your Stuff.



  1. That blue is so pretty! Tania xx

    1. Thanks Tania :) this kind of blue is my favourite colour, I'm always drawn to it! xx


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