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Happy New Year! Let's take a look back at 2014...

Happy New Year readers!

As with any year, 2014 was a year full of highs and lows, but I am pleased to report that personally there were far more highs than lows!  Let's take a look back at the first part of 2014 shall we?


2014 was the year of the Commonwealth Games.  In January, I continued my role as a Protocol and Commomnwealth Games Association Assistant.  This was only for a week, however, it certainly started off the Commonwealth Games year on the right foot.  It was back on with the blue polo shirt and khaki trousers (luckily they still fitted!).


February was a quiet month for me, however, that meant I had plenty of time to concentrate on  nail art!  Here are some of my manicures from February.


March, on the other hand, was a lot busier.  Firstly I attended Orientation training for my Clyde-Sider role for the Commonwealth Games.  I stayed over in Glasgow the night before, and met up with some fellow Clyde-Siders the evening before.  The daffodils in Kirkcudbright were looking very fine this March.  I also got to see the World Cup - the actual trophy - in Glasgow, which was pretty cool.  As for nail art, I was definitely on top of my game this month!

Pretty awful picture from the Orientation event.
My nails looked pretty good though.


April saw a testimonial football match for Paul Burns, between Queens' current team and the Scottish Cup Final team of 2008.  On one of the sunnier days in April, my mum and I went a walk on one of the tracks near my house.  My mum, brother and I also took a trip down to the Lake District, as my brother had a meeting with a director.  The scenery was fantastic!

I am so proud of these nails.
Spot the fly...
Goose in the Lakes.

Beautiful Scenery in the Lakes.
This concludes part one of my 2014 look back.  Roll on part 2.

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  1. thank for your story, and many nice natural pictures
    fish tale nail art is most eye catching for this time, but love all pictures ;)


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