Monday, 19 January 2015

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B Jewelled - Wine Glass Charms

In my previous post, you will have read about the wax melts which I won in a competition on Facebook.  Well, here is my other fabulous prize!  A set of wine glass charms from B Jewelled.  How lovely are these?

Now you all know - or you should do(!) - that I love beads...  well the beads used on these wine glass charms are SO cute.  They are so little, and I love them.  Weird, I know, but trust me, they are some seriously adorable little beads! I forgot to use the wine glass charms this Christmas, but they are most definitely going to go with all the Christmas things now that I have photographed them (and admired the little beads once more!).

If you like these wine glass charms, please go and check out B Jewelled.  You will also find many other items such as jewelled wine glasses and jewellery.

Photos in this collage taken from B Jewelled Facebook page.


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