Monday, 29 December 2014

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Pheasants in the Frost

The temperature has really dropped these last couple of days, and it was very cold last night.  Today the frost hasn't really cleared, so everywhere has been white and sparkly.  The older male pheasant visited this morning, along with the younger male pheasant and his Mrs.  Their colours look even more beautiful against the white background of the frosty grass.

Younger Male & Mrs Pheasant.

Older Male Pheasant.
Younger Male Pheasant.
It's amazing, when you really start looking at the pheasants, you can see the differences in their markings/colourings.  The older male pheasant has a grey backside, and has larger light markings on his back feathers at the top, when compared to the younger male with his brown backside and smaller lighter markings on his back.  Their white collars also differ considerably too, when you look closely.  They really are fascinating, and a joy to watch in the garden.


  1. i saw several post about your gueasts , and i hope they are all good in nature ! amazing animals ! thanks for share nice pics

    1. I love the pheasants :) ! Thank you for your comment - I've only just seen it, oops!!!


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