Thursday, 2 October 2014

Meet The Pheasants!

There seem to be two male pheasants living near my garden, and at one point there were 3 females.  Most of the time, pheasants can be quite flighty birds and run off at the slightest sound or movement.  Luckily (for me) one of the males seems to have taken a liking for me and the bird seed I possess!  His female seems to trust him and stays around, just not quite so close as him - although she is the one that has been standing at our patio doors pecking bugs off the glass!!  I think this male is fairly young as he seems to be losing his baby feathers and developing his brighter look.  When I first noticed him in the garden, he didn't have any blue/green on his head, which made him rather distinctive, however, his head seems to be getting steadily more colourful.  The last time I took food out for them, I took my camera too, and managed to take a few pictures.



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