Friday, 13 June 2014

World Cup Nails - Spain/Mata

Alas, the World Cup is here!  It all kicked off yesterday, and I was even there.... Well, okay, I wasn't actually there, but my face was!  I was on the 'Happiness Flag' which was put together by Coca Cola featuring fan photos from all over the World!

Pins show where my photo's are on the flag!
If you haven't worked it out by now, then I must tell you, I am a massive football fan.  Massive.  I'm talking season ticket for my hometown football team for the last 10 years, visiting random football matches just to get my fix, and watching pretty much any football that is on TV.  And by football, I mean soccer (just for all the American speaking people!).

Now that is out of the way, I have some more World Cup nail art to show you.  I only did this quickly, so it's not the neatest.  Also the pictures didn't turn out very good, sorry!!

These nails show my support for Spain, who play their first match tonight against the Netherlands.  It is live on BBC One at 8.00pm for UK viewers.

Beware, the pictures aren't brilliant!  They looked less awful on my ipod (my camera wasn't charged!)!


On my index and middle fingers there are Spanish flags, MATA 13 on my ring finger and VAMOS on my little finger.  Vamos means 'Go' in Spanish.  Mata is one of my favourite players in the Spanish team, I've liked him ever since he played for Valencia, and I have had the pleasure of looking after him while he was competing for Spain in the Olympic Games - he is so lovely!

Me & Juan Mata! 
With Juan & Some of the Spanish Olympic Team!!

¡Vamos España y Vamos Juan!
Shhh don't tell Nigeria (Nigeria are my team for Nailsxo's World Cup Nails, see my post here).


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