Tuesday, 8 April 2014

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Mossy & Mrs Mossy

Mossy & Mrs Mossy, Red Kites
8th April, 2014
South West Scotland

This is what happens when you 'autocorrect' some already zoomed in photographs, of a fast moving red kite, on a fairly dull day in South West Scotland - the sky looks quite blue in the photo's, but the rest of the sky was covered by a big grey cloud though so there wasn't much sunlight!  Most of the pictures ended up unclear, however, I like the silhouette effect that happened.  Also, please welcome Mrs Mossy, she has been around for a while, however, just not when I have had my camera handy.  Oh, and I'm not actually sure if she is a she, but in my eyes she is.

Talons out, ready to pounce!

And here are some photo's which didn't turn silhouette like when autocorrected.

To see some clearer photo's of Mossy, check out my previous Mossy post here.


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