Tuesday, 18 March 2014

World Cup Trophy Tour

The World Cup Trophy recently visited Glasgow on the FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour by Coca Cola.

There were loads of fun activities on, all football based.  You could get your picture taken with the famous trophy, and the Mascot Fuleco was also in attendance.

I painted my nails especially:  I chose to do the flags of some countries on one hand - Brazil, Spain, Honduras, England and Japan, and I did '2014' in the font used in the logo for the World Cup on the other hand, with a grunge effect on my thumb using the colours of the numbers.

Here is a picture of me and the World Cup Trophy.

When I accessed my image online, I got asked if I'd be happy for my picture to be used in a giant flag which will be unveiled at the first game of the World Cup, of course I clicked Yes.  So, if you happen to watch the opening match of the World Cup and see a giant flag unveiled, then my picture will be on there somewhere! 

And here is me with the World Cup Mascot Fuleco, I think he is an aardvark.

I had a lovely day in Glasgow firstly seeing Suzie, and then meeting Hannah to go see the World Cup.


  1. Wow how cool!! So amazing that you got to be on the giant flag! That must have been exciting for you and your nails are so creative I love them all! Will add them to the World Cup gallery now :D

    1. Yeah! I can say I was at the world cup haha. Without spending thousands! Thank you, pretty gutted my flags smudged, but I was pleased with my 2014! :)


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