Monday, 3 March 2014

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Week 9 Fingerfood's Theme Buffet - Flowers

Stickers count as nail art, right?

Here is my efforts for week 9 of Fingerfood's Theme Buffet, the theme being flowers.

I used a polish that I have not used in a while, I had forgotten quite how gorgeous it was!  This is Boots No.7 in Summer Holiday.  Look at that pink!!

It also has multiple personalities, looking completely different in different lights.  Here are a couple more pictures to reinforce that point:

It was so pretty I just had to use it as a base for my flower 'nail art'.  I wanted to use something that would compliment the pink, and that wasn't too big so that the pink was covered.  I also decided I'd keep all my nails the same - ie all have something on and all be the same colour.  It's been a while since this has happened!  I love pink and black together, and whilst hunting, I found a whole load of stickers that I haven't used yet.  So here's my flowers:



  1. the color is very pretty and the stickers match it perfectly good job xxx

    1. Thank you Dawn _<3 I really love this colour xxx

  2. this is perfect spring mani , i must say !!

    1. thank you very much! it's nice and bright! :)


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