Monday, 13 January 2014

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Liebster Award #1

I have been tagged to do a Liebster Award blog, by the lovely Della, who is taking part in the #2014BloggerChallenge like me.  Take a look at her blog, it's full of Book reviews, fashion, make up and life!

A Liebster Award is a way of discovering new blogs, increasing traffic to your own blog, gaining more followers and also finding out more about your fellow bloggers.  It can be awarded to anyone who has under 200 followers.

I have seen other Liebster Award blogs that include 11 facts about themselves... the one I was tagged in didn't have that in.  I have however included the 11 facts, as I feel it is a fun thing to include.  So I need to answer the 11 questions asked by the person who tagged me, create 11 questions, and tag 11 people to then repeat the same steps.

Here are the Questions that she asked, and my answers:

1) What product do you think is overlooked and should be hyped up more?
Ohhhh, good start, I don't have a CLUE.  SO I have asked a reliable source.. and they said that they had read about something called Mac Fix + being really good.  Anyway, I've just had a little read about it myself and it does look amazing, and can be used in a few different ways.  After reading this review I have decided that this is going to be on my 'to try' list.

2) What editor do you use for pictures on your blog?
Usually just Microsoft Office Picture Manager.  I do have Photoshop Elements which I use sometimes though. On my old blog, I used to use 'Camera+' which was an app I had on my ipod, which was pretty good for doing minor edits - which is what I only really do. 

3) How long do you take to get ready for a party/night out?
I'd say around 2 hours, including shower & hair.  It takes ages to dry my hair, Im just glad I don't have to straighten it too!

4) What is your favourite make up brush?
I don't really use a make up brush (only for blush, and it comes with its own brush), but I've been reliably informed (again!) that if I was to invest in a brush, I should get a good kabuki brush, as it's good for powder, soft and gives an even coverage.  Furthermore, I've been recommended to get one from EcoTools, as they are 100% cruelty free, and 'show respect for the earth'.

5) Favourite make up brand? High end and drugstore?
I don't use many different brands of make-up, so I'll use nail polish instead.  My favourite drugstore nail polish would have to be 17, or Rimmel... Hard to choose between the two.  I think I have more Rimmel polishes though.  They both have such a wide range of colours, for a decent price.  High End, hmmm... I don't own heaps of really expensive nail polishes, only a few China Glazes, which I really like.

6)Worst beauty habit?
I don't always 100% remove my make-up before bed.

7) Is your blog private or do your family/friends know about it?
My family know I blog, but I have never given them the link to it, so I doubt they have read it.  My friends also know I blog, but very few are that interested - lovely friends eh? haha - although I think some may read the odd post.  I know a few more read my old blog.  My boyfriend knows about my blog, and occasionally I encourage him to read it and give me feedback.

8) Whats your biggest fear?
Losing those close to me.

9) If you could choose anywhere in the world to live where would it be?
Ahhh, I never like this question.  Of course, there are many places that I'd LOVE to live in, all for different wee reasons.  But to be honest, anywhere with my Boyfriend, near enough to be able to see my family fairly regularly would be perfect for me!

10) Biggest aspiration?
To get a job as close to the one of my dreams as possible, and to be able to fulfill all the plans that my boyfriend and I have made :) .

11) Whose the one person you look up to and who inspired you to begin blogging?
Hmmm.. that's a tricky one.  I don't look up to any bloggers or famous people.  If i have a worry or a problem, that I feel I need to share, then I will probably go to my boyfriend for advice.  Closely followed by my mum!  
I can't remember if anyone inspired me to begin blogging, I think it was something I just stumbled upon when I was at Uni (this isn't my first blog!).

Thanks for your questions Della, I enjoyed answering them, and I hope it has given readers a tiny insight into me and my blogging.

Here are 11 random facts about myself:

  1. I was born 5 weeks early and weighed 3lb 6oz.
  2. My boyfriend currently lives in a different country to me - I live in Scotland, he lives in England haha.
  3. I have 1 cat (Alfie), 2 rabbits (Bunny - original! - & Dandy) and 2 hamsters (Chico & Fred).  All of them apart from the cat live in my bedroom.
  4. I studied Sports at Stirling University and then I went and studied Tourism at City of Glasgow College - so effectively I went backwards haha.
  5. I was a GamesMaker at the London Olympics, however my role was based in Glasgow.  I am also a Frontrunner for the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games, as well as a Clyde-Sider.
  6. I have met quite a few famous people, mostly from the world of sport, including: John Barrowman, Dougray Scott, Juan Mata, Cesar Azpilicueta & David De Gea. Many of which I looked after while they were staying in Glasgow for the Olympics.
  7. I have been on the news a few times, and in the background on a feature on The One Show - all of which for the Commonwealth Games.
  8. I have a season ticket for Queen of the South FC (A football club in Scotland....)
  9. I'd love to go to India to watch Chennai Super Kings play cricket, and I'd love to go to a few Grand Prix's including Australia, Monaco, GB & a random other one.
  10. I'm scared of quite a few things, including balloons, lightening ad sudden loud noises.
  11. I have just started experimenting in making my own nail polish jewellery, and hope to sell it one day. 

Here are my questions:
  1. How long have you been blogging for?
  2. Where is your favourite place to blog (eg bedroom, train..)?
  3. Have you met anyone famous? Were they nice, or not?
  4. Do you play any musical instruments?
  5. Do you have any pets? What are they, and what are they called?
  6. What is your favourite sport/sportsperson/sports team?
  7. What is your favourite colour of nail polish to use?
  8. Post a link to your favourite manicure post, and a reason why (if you don't have a mani post, your favourite post will do!)?
  9. What is the best make up tip you have received/heard of?
  10. If you could only use 3 make up products for 1 year, which 3 would you pick?
  11. Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?
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  1. I've never used Microsoft Office Picture Manager, how would you say it compares to Picmonkey? I love that website! <3
    Sierra Calah ♡ Berry Stylish  

    1. I've never actually used picmonkey, but I'll give it a try and get back to you! I only usually crop, resize + sometimes brighten/sharpen my pictures, so for simple things, Microsoft Office Picture Manager is fine :)
      Thanks for your comment! :)

  2. I have answered your questions here:

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to answer the questions!


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