Friday, 17 January 2014

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Addicted2Sparkle - My New Venture

I've been letting my creative/crafty side out recently, and been trying out a few things...  While I was researching things that I could do with the nail polish that I have (and carry on collecting), I came across cabochon jewellery.
I thought that this was a GREAT idea, as I love painting my nails, but never have enough nails.  I started off trying a few kits from She Sells Seashells, and I loved creating such unique pieces of jewellery, so I decided to go ahead and order some more from various suppliers.  Anyway, ramble out of the way - Take a look at some of the jewellery I have created so far:

(Bottom left of the picture above is a ring made with a nail polish which I made myself!)


Matching Ring & Earrings
Galaxy Ring

Once I have figured out how to use Etsy properly, they will be on sale (apart from the galaxy one, I'm keeping that for myself haha) - I will make some more though as it was so fun to do!  My shop is called 'Addicted2Sparkle', and I will also be selling some on Ebay.

Keep an eye out, I will be posting more as I photograph them!

UPDATE:  My shop is now open!  It can be found HERE.


  1. yay! glad to see you are going to sell these beauties as they are gorgeous! cannot wait to see more of your jewellery.:)


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