Monday, 2 December 2013

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Day 1 - 12 Days of Christmas Manis

So, I decided that I'd do a nail art challenge that didn't originate on instagram.  I came across this one on facebook created by Nail Art Novice, and I am going to try and do as many as I can!

So, December 1st the theme is Presents... You may notice that I'm posting this on December 2nd (tut!) BUT I had my nails all finished and posted on the facebook page on the 1st...!!

These are on my right hand, so I'm quite pleased they didn't turn into a squiggly mess! Decided to do December 3rd (snow/winter) at the same time on my left hand, as I thought they would require a steadier hand! 

They were really hard to capture once I'd put my shimmer top coat on, so I managed to find a picture I took before I added the top coat and did a clean up!  Next time, I must remember to leave the shimmer top coat off until I have taken enough good pictures!

I used Technic 'Gardenia' as the base coat, with the presents being Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear '350 Pink Punch' and LA Colors 'Fun in the Sun'.  I then added the bows and ribbon with a black nail art pen I got in a Rio nail art kit from Argos!  Then the top coat was Collection Top Coat Sparkle.

Here's some more pictures:

Nails pre top coat/clean up!

Pre Clean up (dislike the little bits, but the best pictures were taken pre clean up! I've leant my lesson!)

Take a look at everyone else's lovely present mains using the links below :)



  1. These are fab, and I love the colour combination! xx

  2. I really like the color combination you used. Not typical Christmas colors but you still get a Christmas feeling.

    1. Thank you! I'll get more into my Christmas colours the closer it gets to Christmas :)

  3. Love this unusual color combo!

  4. I adore these!! :) Such a fun manicure!


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