Tuesday, 19 November 2013

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Nail Polish Review - High Brow (Pretty Pastels)

While looking around B&M - they have some great deals on brand name nail polish, as well as some other brands of nail polish - I found this great wee bargain set.  6 6.5ml 'high gloss pretty pastel' nail polishes for £2.99!  The set contains the colours:  Pale Blue, Pale Orange, Pink, Pale Purple, Grey, Purple.

The polishes came in a cute box!

I wasn't expecting a brilliant nail polish as it was a brand I had never heard of, nor tried before, however, I was pleasantly surprised!

One Coat
The first coat went on quite thinly, and a little streaky (as seen in the picture above).  However I rarely just do one coat of any nail polish.  With 2 coats (below), the polish gave a much more even cover, and the colours were indeed 'pretty'.

Two Coats

Once I had finished trying out the colours, I loved them, so decided I'd do some nail art on them.  My favourite was my left hand, and although it was only a quick mani whilst watching tv, I really liked it!  My right hand wasn't as neat as I'd hoped, but it still looked not too bad.

Right Hand
 On my right hand, I used nail polishes that I have made to create the chevron effect.  I was amazed that the nail polishes that I had made (a couple of weeks before I bought this set of polishes) matched the polishes almost perfectly!

How well do these polishes match each other??!  The polishes in the thinner bottles are my first attempt at 'indie' nail polish.
For my left hand, I used 17 white nail polish with a striper, and my nails then reminded me of candies.  I then topped it with a shimmery Revlon nail polish which finished the nails off nicely.  The pictures don't capture my nails too well, which is a shame.  But I will definitely be recreating this again at some point and take some pictures with my actual camera.

Left Hand

Left Hand (again!)
Overall, these polishes are good value, and I absolutely LOVE the colours.  with the nail art that I did, my nails would have been more suited to Spring/Summer, however the blue, grey and purples could definitely be used for Winter nail art as they can look icy.

Here are a few more pictures of the polish.

With flash.  One coat, with two coats nearest the tip.  The colours really stand out with the flash.

Without flash.  One coat, with two coats nearest the tip.

Without flash
With flash



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