Tuesday, 10 January 2017

#Project365: Day 6 - 10

Day 6
This is Alfie all snuggled up behind me on the sofa while I was sitting in front of the fire watching tv on Friday night (wild Friday night, I know...).  We got Alfie from the Cat's Protection about 6 years ago now, and he's a completely different cat to when he first arrived.  He was furless (he'd had an allergy to fleas), he was pretty thin and he was a bit aggressive/scared of people (he was a street cat).  Now, he follows us all everywhere we go in the house, and demands lots of attention!

Day 7
Feeling crafty, so got stuck into a little kit I have had for a while, I think I got it for my birthday.  I love the cute wee face!  All the parts were cut out, but I'm sewing it all together by hand.  It's a little dog by the way.

Day 8

Day 9
IKEA delivery!  How exciting!  I can't wait to build this shelving unit, and the inserts to go in it.  I'm one of these people who actually really enjoy flat pack furniture..

Day 10
Nail Mail!  I ordered these from ebay before Christmas, so I have been waiting patiently for this nail mail.  The hallowe'en water decals were part of a lucky dip but they're really nice, so look forward to using them this October!  How cute are the rabbit decals 😍?!  The two polishes are pearlescent pink and glittery blue.  I will probably do a post soon about this nail mail package!


  1. Oh look at that cutie!!

    What a nice little crafty doggy too, I hope you share a photo when it's finished!


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