Thursday, 8 December 2016

F1 Nails - Jenson Button

At the end of the 2016 season, there were a few big name retirements - Jenson Button was one of these.  Here is my nail art tribute to his Formula One Career:

Index Finger:  Colours of Brawn GP - Jenson won the World Championship with this team in 2009.
Middle Finger: Union Flag - Jenson is from Frome in Somerset (UK).
Ring Finger:  22 - Jenson's Race Number.
Pinky: Pink nail in tribute to John Button, Jenson's late father, who was such a well-loved character and always at the Grand Prix supporting Jenson.  A Number 1 to represent the World Championship Jenson won.

Jenson will be sorely missed on the Formula One grid.  He was one of the nice guys and got on with most people.  There were so many nice things to be said about him by team members and fellow drivers.

During his F1 career he scored 1235 points, with 15 wins and 50 podiums.  He started 305 Grand Prix, his first being the Australian Grand Prix of 2000.

A highlight for me was whenever David Coulthard interviewed Jenson on the grid or after races - you never knew what they were going to come out with, and you could tell that they shared a genuine friendship.  Hopefully we will still see Jenson around at Grand Prix events and he will no doubt make an appearance on the Channel 4 race shows, like ex driver Mark Webber has done since he left Formula 1.

Here's the Union Flag before I started on the other nails, just in case I messed them up!  I love painting this flag, it's so satisfying when it turns out good! There are bits of this I would love to have done a bit better, but overall I think it looks pretty good (even if I do say so myself 😋).

I enjoyed doing these nails, and I have more F1 inspired nails coming up soon!


  1. Yeah I was reading about that. I liked him a lot. Decent guy. And nice mani :-D

    1. He's such a laugh :D thank you!!


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