Monday, 19 September 2016

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Scotland Gel Nails

For my birthday, one of the gifts I received was a uv lamp gel nails set.  The first nails I did were holo purple (picture at the end of this post) and I was just so impressed with how it all went, and how hard the polish felt once it was all done!  I didn't cap the ends, but I was really impressed that the nails stayed in tact for a whole week - I would probably have done my nails with regular polish at least 4 times in that time!

I'm onto my second set of gel nails now, and with Andy Murray Live (a charity event organised by Scottish tennis player Andy Murray) coming up on Wednesday I felt that some Scottish nails would be apt.  Plus, I really wanted to use the blue polish as it is gorgeous!

First off, I squared off my nails!  It's been a while since I've grown them out long enough to be able to square them!!  Next I buffed my nails to make them all smooth, as there was a bit of peeling *sad face* and I 'prepped' my nails using Mylee nail prep.

The first nail I did without basecoat, but then I remembered that blue nail polish without base coat usually stains my nails for ages, so for the rest of my nails I used one coat of gdi nails base coat.

I then did two thin coats of RS Nail 265, a really sparkly blue glitter polish, which has such depth to it.  The polish went on really well, with no lumps and bumps which was a surprise to me because it contains sooo much glitter.

For the cross, to make the Scottish flag, I did two coats of Bluesky Snow White.  I used a Make Up Gallery nail art brush.

Finally, I topped all my nails with Candy Coat Super Shiny No Wipe Top Coat.  It definitely lives up to its name, as it is really shiny.  I'll be doing another post soon on my Candy Coat purchases.

I love how these turned out, and I have received quite a few compliments from visitors while I've been at work!

.....and here are my first ever gel nails - I used Bluesky CH11.



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