Monday, 11 July 2016


Threave Castle

Last week, I took a little trip down to Threave Castle.  Although (at the time of writing) it is still currently closed due to flood damage, it was a lovely walk down to the bank of the river (where you can usually get the boat across to the island on which the castle is situated).

Not too far from where you would normally take the boat across to the castle, there is an Osprey viewing platform.  Although there were 4 chicks in the nest, I only saw the female osprey, but I was still pleased seeing the one as it was my first osprey encounter.



  1. Looks really nice and you got a half decent day for it! :-)

    We are going to the Mela on Sunday, so I am looking forward to that! Finger crossed for a nice weather. Last year was really good.

    1. Yeah it was warmer than it looked actually :D

      Ohh fantastic! Have a great time! One of my colleagues is going to be there on an outreach :)


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