Sunday, 8 May 2016

Wishlist | Lylia Rose

Today's wishlist features Lylia Rose - an online boutique filled with lovely scarves and accessories.  The boutique is run by Victoria, who also has a lifestyle blog.  You can find Victoria on twitter here.  Read all about how and why Victoria set up Lylia Rose here.

1. Pink Swan Print  /  2. Garden Bird Print  /  3. Coral with Rose Gold Hearts  /  4. Silhouette Palm Tree Print  /  5. Glossy Black Peacock Feather Print  /  6. Monochrome Chevron Print

These are just a few of the gems found at Lylia Rose.  Head over there to find more lovely products.


  1. Ooh great choices, thank you so much for the feature :)

    1. Ideally I'd have featured 99% of your whole shop! haha. No problem! Thanks for commenting! :)


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